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Cashman Center is a warm, welcoming alternative to traditional mental health clinics

Our Treatment Team at Cashman Center is a highly trained, group of professionals that all have the same goal: to help you begin living better, mind and body. Along with traditional services such as therapy, medication management, and psychological testing, we offer services that help our clients achieve complete and long term wellness such as nutrition and acupuncture. At Cashman Center we believe that even if you are seeing a therapist or are on a medication …you may just need a massage too! Life can be complicated. Welcome to a center where you have a say in your treatment, and can receive complete care under one roof. We offer an innovative Cancer Program, multiple groups, and an entire multi-disciplinary team with expertise in different areas. From supplements to sound therapy, we have it all.

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What is Recovery?

September 17th, 2018|Recovery|

By: Donna Wallace LPC, LADC, ADCR-MN As there are many ways to define addiction, recovery may look different depending on whom you’re asking.  I think of addiction as a process. Substance use or addictive behaviors meet [...]

Begin moving forward, mind and body.

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